The songs are being polished and tweaked as Chris spends many more hours outside the studio working on each song until they feel are like old friends to him.

Chris hard at work practicing the songs written for The Waterman

Yes indeed, the long and arduous process of recording The Waterman has begun!

Many hours have already been spent in the recording studio where both Chris and his Producer are very happy and excited about the new songs from the Master Storyteller, himself.

Working so hard, he doesn’t even know we are there!

But, that’s not all! Much time is spent outside the studio, practicing, tweaking, and practicing even more until the new songs become old friends.

No word yet on when this new masterpiece will be ready for release, but we aren’t going to leave you hanging. We’ve got some teasers to share, but don’t tell Chris, okay?

So, let ALL your friends know what’s been going on with Chris Bellamy and let them check out the news, as well.

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