Click below to hear the song,”Nashville”

Wow!!! It is truly incredible, exciting, gratifying and most of all motivating to watch a 30 year career in music start to pay off.We are 3 weeks into a 20 week radio promotion. Over the years,I have managed to make a living playing live gigs. I truly love playing music and writing! But now things are changing! I have 130 songs which are published at BMI. A lot of these songs are on my CD’s. Also, these songs are on Spotify, I-tunes, Amazon, YouTube and hundreds of other internet music sites. Some of my songs are not public yet. As Larry Simpson said, “catalog depth” is like having a great set of “Tools” to work with! With a whole lot of help from Larry Simpson, James Williams, Larry Weir, Alan Young, Bill Wench and several others who are all Nashville “Big Guns” in promotion, my song with Silver Buckle Records, titled “Nashville” is headed straight up the country charts with a “Bullet” as they say in the business! There are about one thousand stations playing this song! Thank you all for playing this song and putting forth your efforts to support Larry Simpson at Silver Buckle Records and Chris Bellamy as an artist. The song “Nashville’ is up as much as ten places this week from last week and is a “Prime Mover”! I have never had a song hot enough to be considered a “prime mover”! It is hard to say where this is leading, but plainly chart action is having a positive effect on my career! Things are just better all around in the business of music for me as an artist! God Bless and Stay Tuned! Things are happening every day!