In YOUR life, who loves You most?

If you are breathing, you have a need to be and feel loved, right? Some of those who love us remain in our lives forever; some only for a brief time.

Do you have someone in your life that makes you feel like you are really the center of their universe?

Or someone who cannot wait to see you again. And, when they do, they are jumping around in joy?

How about someone that jumps in bed with you and snuggles all night?

Surely by now I have your attention, right? But, have you figured out who we are talking about?

Here’s a clue: everyone needs to have a dog.

Dogs are loyal, loving, fun, entertaining and always there for you.

Oh, by the way, you do know that having a pet will make you happier and healthier than non-pet owned people, right? You might even call them friends with benefits. Just read above to see all the benefits.

All of this is leading up to one of my favorite songs, and specifically Chris Bellamy’s version of said song.

Some of you are probably familiar with “Love Me Like My Dog Does.” For those who aren’t, you are cheating yourself if you don’t at least listen to it.

To check it out, just click here to check it out ( . And, if you are lucky, you have a dog like Bella who loves you unconditionally and with no limits. So, check it out!!

While Chris did not write the song, it was written by Harley Allen and Scotty Emerick.

And before all you guys start feeling full of yourselves, please note the song could be turned around for us gals. 🙂