Tuesday evening while playing a little get together for Kim Quinn and Company,right around the block from my house here on Middle Sound, I got a call from my partner and Label Head, Larry Simpson! It went to voice mail. I was playing and my phone was muted. Larry said the data was in and my song,“Rear View Mirror” which is promoted by “Silver Buckle Records” in Fort Worth,Texas was at #1 on New Music Weekly, Indie artist chart, Country main(airwave radio) and Internet! I wrote this song a long time ago, early 90’s. This song is on my album, “Life in a Beach Town”. A lot of people over the years have said “Rear View Mirror” was a hit. But having a song that could be a “commercial hit” in your repertoire and the song actually becoming a “Hit” song are two different things! I have a lot of people to thank! Frankly, a good number of them, I have never met! I’ve spoken with some of the promoters that have helped me achieve what is now my sixth #1 song! But this one is different! This song, “Rear View Mirror” was launched by a well respected “Indie Record Label” as I mentioned, “Silver Buckle Records”. The other songs that hit #1 where done through very expensive radio promotion. Silver Buckle Records has helped me a lot! Larry Simpson has made sure and has driven me to do the documentation necessary at BMI and Sound Exchange, Copyright my material and do all the other laborious task that need doing by the artist to hopefully make a little money on this song. Indie artist are not treated the same as major label artist when it comes to (PRO”S) (Performing Rights Organizations). Respect from my friends, fellow musicians, venues, Fans and Music Industry Associates means more to me than money can buy! But a little cash would be nice! We’ll see!  Proof is in the Charts! I thank everyone for all of the support all of you have given!

Listen to it here: